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Lemon Tree
 Brewing Fine Tea   

The world is finally waking up to the wonders of natural herbal remedies as our community of elders swear by the healing benefits of various plants and herbs.

Sourcing the finest teas from around the globe to deliver the best quality of flavours and aromas that are refreshing calming healing and detoxing.

Our beverages are made from infusion of fruit and herbs and roots

which are all true tea.

Here at Dockeray Distributions ltd we deliver customer service and customer support with a smile  the pleasures of serving you only the best quality tea the world has to offer.

Dockeray Distribution Ltd specialise in premium teas.

Our full experience is complemented by an assortment of teas.

Our goal is to be a destination store for our customers, and a resource for locals seeking gifts, new experiences and knowledge of different kinds of tea.

All in all, Tea can be your daily dose of caffeine while also keeping you hydrated, energised and refreshed. 

Drinking tea has many health benefits.

No matter what the season, tea can be a tasty beverage.

The benefits go far beyond refreshment. 



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